Divine Creation | Digital Art Download, Fits any ratio & size, huge resolution

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Experience the beginning of time with 'Divine Creation,' a stunning digital piece that portrays the birth of the universe in a unique and captivating way. This artwork features the interplay of flowers and skulls, symbolizing the delicate balance of life and death, creation and destruction. The vibrant colors and intricate details of this piece make it a true work of art that will draw the viewer in and invite contemplation on the mysteries of the universe. Hang 'Divine Creation' on your wall and let it inspire you every day.

This is an instant download only. Not physical items will be shipped. There is no refunds due to the fact that it is a digital file. If you have any issues please let us know right away.

We also offer free resizing if needed. All files are High resolution Jpg files designed at 300dpi and can be easily resized to fix almost any dimensions needed.

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You can print directly from your home printer but we recommend professional printing with high grade paper. Take it to your local professional print shop where they will have the proper inks, paper and techniques to give you amazing results. You final print quality depends on the paper used.

*** Please note that colors may vary from monitor to print depending on how your monitor is calibrated. All files are designed on professionally calibrated monitors with a 100% sRGB color space this ensures superb accuracy and absolute color confidence.


5 high resolution JPEG digital files. Instant Download

With these files you can print:

✔ 2:3 ratio:

Inches : 4x6 | 6x9 | 8x12 | 10x15 | 12x18 | 14x21| 16x24

Centimeters : 10x15 | 20x30 | 40x60

✔ 3:4 ratio:

Inches : 6x8 | 9x12 | 12x16 | 15x20 | 18x24

Centimeters : 15x20 | 30x40 | 45x60

✔ 4:5 ratio:

Inches : 4x5 | 8x10 | 16x20 | 20x25

Centimeters : 20x25 | 40x50 | 48x60

✔ 5:7 ratio:

Inches : 5x7 | 10x14 | 15x21 | 20x28

Centimeters : 10x14 | 20x28 | 40x56 | 50x70

ISO ratio (International Standard Size):

A5 | A4 | A3 | A2

✔ 11:14 ratio:

Inches : 11x14 | 16,5x21

Centimeters : 22x28 | 44x56

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These files are not for commercial use. Personal use only.

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You'll get 5 high resolution sizes able to fit any ratio or size. From card to poster and crystal clear not blurry or smudgy.

5 high resolution JPEG digital files
300dpi / Print Ready

Divine Creation | Digital Art Download, Fits any ratio & size, huge resolution

0 ratings
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